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Instant Quotes for CNC-Machined Components

CNC milled parts are precision components that are used wherever highest quality is required. Through our powerful manufacturing network and instant quoting software, we connect our customers to the capabilities of over 3,000 CNC machines at the shortest possible time.

Why you should place your order with InstaWerk

Finding the right supplier for CNC milled parts is challenging. Each project is different, requires special machines or materials and must be delivered on time in the required quality. The best supplier for the prototype is probably not the right one for series production. Someone who can mill aluminium is not necessarily familiar with milling plastics. At InstaWerk, we manage a manufacturing network of hundreds of CNC fabricators to ensure we always have the right capacity for our customers’ projects. With our managed purchasing processes, we always ensure excellent conditions and reliable quality.

What we do

  • Production from quantity 1 to ∞
  • Turned parts, milled parts, eroding, finishing from a single source
  • Express machining starting from 24h

How we are different

  • 100% quality-oriented processes and audits
  • Managed purchasing processes with engineers as contact persons
  • Unlimited capacities ans data security through exclusive manufacturing network

Ordering CNC Machined Parts Online
has never been easier

Quotes in a matter of seconds and the power that comes from thousands of CNC production machines: With InstaWerk, we make the procurement of CNC milled parts cost-efficient, fast and highly scalable.

Instant Quotes for CNC machined parts based on CAD-files and drawings

CAD-File based Calculation of CNC-machined parts
Instant quoting based on drawings for CNC milling

Our intelligent algorithms analyze the CAD models and the technical drawings of your CNC components and calculate a price immediately.


Orders for milled parts or turned parts can be completed in just a few clicks using our cloud-based calculation software.


By bundling orders and long-term framework agreements, we create unbeatable conditions for our customers.


Top level milled parts through continuous quality monitoring, data analysis and rigorous processes.


From prototype to large-scale production: We offer unlimited resources and maximum availability.

A CNC Milled Part which was quoted online

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For urgent inquiries, complex manufacturing projects or other questions about your turned and milled parts, feel free to contact us at any time!

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