Our Manufacturing Services

Due to our high degree of specialization in CNC machining and all necessary post-processing, we can realize excellent quality, outstanding conditions and first-class logistics for your machined parts.

  • Tolerances down to ± 0.004 in (± 0.01 mm) achievable – less on request.
  • From 3-Axis Mills to 5-Axis Complex Parts.
  • Lead times from 5 Business Days.
CNC Turning
  • Tolerances down to ± 0.004 in (± 0.01 mm) achievable – less on request.
  • Over 1.000 CNC Turning Centers available for your projects.
  • Multi-axis mill turns and combined machining capacities.
  • We generate Instant Quotes for 20+ surface finishes.
  • Various Heat Treatments and Surface Finishes available.
  • Can be directly assigned and instantly quoted on your CNC-parts.

A Prequalified CNC-Manufacturing Network
at your Finger Tips

You can conveniently place your order via our online calculation for turned or milled parts. We will take care of quality, production monitoring and logistics right to your desk.


Upload your parts to our online calculator and get an instant quote for your CNC machined parts. Your Data is saved and processed on ISO 27001 certified servers.


Our intelligent matching algorithm assigns your parts to the highest quality available CNC-manufacturer. Your data is never visible to other manufacturers.


We take care of quality control, shipping and customs for you. You simply get perfect CNC components – without any annoying administrative processes.

Scalable CNC-Manufacturing with Quality in Mind

You cannot optimize the manufacturing triangle of time, cost and quality within one manufacturing facility. Therefore, we leverage our network of over 1,000 suppliers to realize the highest availability, attractive conditions and high-precision CNC components for you.

Reliable Manufacturing Capacities

By permanently tracking the reliability and quality of our suppliers, we ensure a highly resilient, reliable and high-quality network of CNC manufacturers.

From Prototypes to Serial Manufacturing

Whether it’s one piece or several thousand, at InstaWerk we ensure a high level of scalability so that you can securely and cost-effectively source your CNC-machined parts from development to market launch.

Quality, Quality, Quality

We are not just about accessibility and competitive offers. We are concerned with outstanding quality that is accessible and affordable. To achieve this, we develop in-depth quality standards and processes.

Unbeaten Conditions

By bundling orders into large order volumes, using network effects and streamlining all processes through digitalization, we offer unbeatable conditions for your CNC components.

Instant Pricing Feedback

Why wait weeks for quotes? At InstaWerk, you can get your instant quote for CNC manufacturing in seconds. Our pricing is based on AI, empirical data from previous projects and considers the current market environment.

Choose the ideal setup.

You will always find the right setting for your project via the flexible choice of materials, delivery times and quality requirements.

Add what you need.

Add post treatments, quality certificates or express delivery and only pay for what you actually need.


CNC manufacturing can raise complex issues. Or be quite simple.

CNC machined parts are all about precision. Therefore, we have aligned all our processes to the highest quality standards. Our goal is to make German-level quality available at attractive conditions.

What makes InstaWerk different from other CNC-manufacturers?

At InstaWerk, the customer comes first: That’s why we design our processes with a clear customer focus. Ordering turned and milled parts from InstaWerk is simple, cost-effective and fast. Through our digital processes and a high degree of automation, we streamline ordering processes and can pass on the cost advantage directly to our customers. An important building block for this is our online calculation, which you can use to calculate and order your turned parts and milled parts 24 hours a day.

The quality of the components is key. That’s why we run a closed manufacturing network to keep your data safe and ensure high quality production. Due to our unique order bundling, we can allocate higher order volumes to our CNC manufacturers and realize competetive pricing. In this way, we are able to reconcile low costs for our customers with the highest quality components.

How does InstaWerk maintain highest quality standards with a distributed network of manufacturers?

First, all manufacturing partners go through an accreditation process in which we evaluate the manufacturing capabilities, quality processes and technical capabilities. Only CNC manufacturers that meet our high quality standards are accepted into the manufacturing network.

We also operate a closed manufacturing network. This means that manufacturers cannot freely join the network and cannot view projects.

Using our data analysis capabilities and the experience gained from thousands of manufacturing projects, we can motivate excellent finishers with more orders and exclude below-average finishers from the network using key performance indicators. SO successively increases our platform quality.

In order to further develop our manufacturing partners, we promote a culture of open communication, regular quality audits and processes for continuous quality improvement.

Are you mannufacturing prototypes only or is there a solution for serial manufacturing too?

We provide prototypes as well as series parts. Online calculation is particularly suitable for prototypes and smaller quantities. Here you can use your CAD model to calculate various configurations of your turned and milled parts and order them directly online.

For series parts with larger quantities or milled parts with special alloys, on the other hand, the inquiry via contact form is the best option. We will review your data and will be happy to provide you with an offer. Our engineering team also takes care of all in-depth questions for series inquiries.

What are the benefits of on-demand manufacturing for companies?

In times of increasing uncertainty and supply shortages, instead of buying your own machines, maintaining them and hiring staff for manufacturing, so-called on-demand services offer the advantage of a more flexible, cost-effective and resilient solution. In addition, many companies recognize the value in simple, digitized processes and the ability to focus on your core business rather than chasing day-to-day manufacturing issues.

For start-ups, research institutes and other innovation drivers, the value of InstaWerk lies primarily in being able to order fast, cost-effective and highest-quality turned and milled parts conveniently and easily. This allows small teams to successfully develop innovations and bring them to market quickly.

Corporates love InstaWerk too: In addition to the unbeatable conditions, we offer digital processes, fast and uncomplicated procurement solutions, and outstanding quality. Thus, InstaWerk is becoming a preferred solution in strategic procurement for more and more larger companies.

How are my parts manufactured and shipped to me?

Your data will be reviewed and approved by our team after the order. Afterwards you will receive an order confirmation with payment information from us. Then our algorithm assigns the production order to a production bundle and this is allocated to a suitable CNC-manufacturer. Your data remains protected from unauthorized access and only those who really need to see your data have access to it.

Ressources on Digital Manufacturing

The CNC industry is evolving fast with an everlasting focus on precision. We keep you up to date with the latest news on CNC manufacturing and InstaWerk.

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